Top 5 Consumer Complaints Need to Resolve For Business Growth

When a consumer does not get an appropriate service then they use many ways to express their frustration with the service provider or company. There are many consumers who are never going to file a consumer complaint and it happens in various cases. Here we just discuss top 5 consumers complaints which we found mostly on voxya online consumer complaints website. There are given as below:

Unavailability of services or product

The consumer or customer go through your business to purchase product or services as per their needs. If the consumer finds the unavailability of product or services then it means there is some problem in your business. The reasons are not matters for the customer because they just look that the product or services are going well. For example, the customer goes to your online shopping website and purchase a product using a payment method or cash on delivery method. When times comes for delivery then business company don’t have a product to deliver. This problem faced by most of the consumers one of the biggest complaints of October month an IT company takes money from the client but they are unable to deliver the website on time. Finally an It company refund with compensation to that consumer after the judgment of consumer court.

Very Slow Response

Sometimes consumers got a problem from companies and when they try to resolve then the response of company is very solve. Every customer or consumer wants a rapid solution to their problem but we found maximum companies ignoring emails and responding late to customer calls. This becomes a first and top reason for customer frustration. Here companies need to take care their consumer complaints and take quick action against dispute which is good for both as customer satisfaction and business online reputation.

Employees Unprofessional behaviour

The day of the employee is not going well then it supposes, the behaviour of company employee goes in the wrong direction and it raises the unprofessional behaviour of employees towards consumers. This is most common problem become in these days. Now behaviour of employee become viral as bad customer services among friends and family. This problem should be eliminated and require proper training problem for customer relationship management. It is important because the consumer can’t aware of facts of the internal environment of the company.

No Reward For Loyal Customer

This is also a little bit consumer complaints but very effective. There are many consumers who are taking services from same business owners but they can’t be appreciated from them for their loyalty. A customer taking the product of services around 15 years but he is treated like other general customers. They can’t get any appreciation or discount for their loyalty. This also becomes a reason for customer frustration.

Bad Management Services

When a problem comes to consumer and he raises their voice then it important. It should need to reach manager of the company. When a customer can’t able to discuss their problem with the manager then it leaves a bad impression. A bad management service of any company reduce productivity and clientele, decrease profit and sometimes it becomes the main reason for business failure.

Consumer complaints can reduce when employees get a proper training to handle customer support services. A well-trained staff can bring a professional customer service which is most important for business growth.